Resources and articles for better translations and websites

Our Resources section contains information for customers, translators and writers in the form of short articles and a selection of books, style guides, glossaries and websites that we’ve found useful or inspiring. Topics covered include:

  • Language and writing
  • Website design and usability
  • Choosing a translator
  • Common translation and writing mistakes, and how to correct them

We’re always open to new ideas so please contact us if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

We’d be delighted, for example, to hear about translating and web-writing from the customer’s viewpoint. What qualities do you look for? Have you any horror stories or examples of successful collaboration or partnerships? We’d be happy to publish your “guest articles” on the site, or in our blog (with your permission, of course).

In the meantime, we hope you find your resource pages enjoyable, informative and helpful!