Editing and proofreading

Our editing and proofreading services will ensure that your printed copy and web content look just as polished and professional as you do. Our services include:

  • editing of documents written by non-English speakers so that the final text reads smoothly and fluently
  • editing of texts written by subject experts who are not necessarily as good at writing as they are in their professional field of expertise
  • revision and “harmonisation” of documents written by more than one author, to ensure that style and terminology are consistent
  • elimination of duplications and redundant text
  • adaptation of printed documents for publication on your website
  • proofreading, to eliminate minor errors in spelling and punctuation that can make your copy (and you!) look sloppy and unprofessional

Editing may require a substantial degree of re-writing, while proofreading mainly consists of checking for typos and other errors that might seem small but can seriously undermine your credibility.

And remember, documents originally created for print need to be adapted before you publish them on your website, to ensure that they’re easy for users to read on-screen. Check out our Web-writing page and Web-writing and usability FAQ.

To discuss how our editing and proofreading services can streamline your communications and ensure that your printed material and web copy look just as good as you do, please call or send us an email.